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Living Libations

Trees Please Forest Cologne - 30ml

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If a walk in the woods could be captured in cologne, this is it! Living Libations Trees Please Forest Cologne is a fertile-fresh fragrance that evokes an early morning forest frolic, where dappled sunlight rests upon the dew-soaked needles of ancient evergreen trees. Immerse yourself in a fortified fragrant forest with each inhalation of Trees Please Forest Cologne.

As your feet feel the forest floor, the scent of pine and cedar reach every pore, aromatics are unleashed with resplendent revelry and you want to inhale more. The spirit of spruce invites verdant Vetiver to play, while earthy Patchouli and sensual Sandalwood pave the way for fertile-fresh majesty.

The path winds deeper into the woods and you follow. Noble fir trees wrap you in a protective embrace as their evergreen needles emit lively grace. Spruce and Bergamot leap from branch to branch, while Silver Fir carves earth angels and sets them free to dance.

Step into the depths of the forest with each revered breath of Trees Please Forest Cologne. The levity of this coniferous cologne opens the chest to a world of serene strength and revived revelry.

The trees exhale and we live!

Use: Spritz on neck, pulse points, or hair. This permeating scent can also be used as an uplifting room freshener and home spray to give a forest blessing to your day.

Black Spruce - Picea mariana

Soul-satisfying Spruce is wild-crafted and steam-distilled deep in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Spruce is a scented-salve that is invigorating, and revs clarity levels. Enjoy an inviting fragrance of evergreen, freshly fallen snow, and sweet wood as you clarify the breath and ease the tension of time.


Grand Fir - Abies grandis

Grand Fir inspires holiday cheer any time of year with its rich, coniferous aroma: the nostalgic scent of winter pine dancing with subtle hints of citrus. This essence deepens the breath, breaks through emotional blockages, and lifts the spirits to levity.


Douglas Fir - Pseudotsuga menziesi

Our perfectly purifying Douglas Fir will calm your disposition and inspire meditative feelings while enhancing deep breathing. Douglas fir harnesses the majestic power of these tall trees. Fresh evergreen apple notes clear the breathing, facilitating peace and improving your relations with others.


Silver Fir - Abies alba

Our Silver Fir oil infuses this blend with a perfect pinch of whimsical, wintery starlight. A powerful mood booster with subtle hints of citrus, Silver Fir is a glistening pine-dream of silver forest sheen.


Cedar - Cedrus atlantica

Warm, woodsy Cedar is harmoniously calming and grounding. When one wants a woody scent to revitalize the senses, Cedar Bark Essential Oil is a timely essence and fetching choice. A deep, lasting aromatic with subtle hints of sweetness, cedar is known to assist in the decision-making process, encourage a calm disposition, and inspire clarity of mind.


Vetiver - Vetiveria zizanioides

Verdant Vetiver is a full-bodied, earthy aromatic known for its rooted powers of renewal. Vetiver’s full-bodied fragrance earthbounds energy and ensconces the body with earthly ardor.


Patchouli - Pogostemon cablin

Provocative Patchouli Essential Oil is distilled and crafted in the wild wonderlands of Indonesia, where the oil has been used for centuries to promote peace, sensuality, and love. While many North Americans may be familiar with the synthetic fragrance of patchouli that was so popular in the Summer of Love, our wild-crafted Indonesian oil is authentically distinctive and undeniably pleasant. This luxurious, sensual oil, whose opulently-earthy aroma only improves with age, is a favorite fragrance that captures the earthy aroma of the forest.


Sandalwood - Santalum album

Serene Sandalwood opens the heart and mind with luxuriant notes of nutty, full-bodied heartwood with an ethereal, creamy, sensual finish. A popular ingredient for skin and hair care, its inclusion in this perfume enhances a relaxed sense of euphoria.


Bergamot - Citrus bergamia

Benevolent Bergamot is crafted from the delicate peels of the almost-ripe rind as the fruit grows beneath the wintery Italian sun. Packed with all the citrus benefits of lemons and oranges combined, Bergamot oil is cultivated for its skin beautifying benefits and for its fresh-fougère, sunny-citrus, almost floral, freesia-like fragrance.


Organic Biodynamic Alcohol Organic Biodynamic Alcohol serves as a carrier for our petal perfumes and forest colognes, allowing each botanical to effortlessly infuse the skin with aromatic wonders. This organic, biodynamic alcohol is of the utmost quality and is triple-filtered for purity. Produced from certified organic grapes, it is independently tested to ensure it meets the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards for pure, organic, pharmaceutical grade alcohol.

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