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Coconut Bowls

Smiles Coconut Bowl

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Radiate pure happiness with our Smiles Coconut Bowl. Brimming with delightful smiles on the outside, it exudes an infectious joy that touches the soul. Engraved on the inside, the empowering message "if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours" serves as a daily reminder of the transformative power of kindness. Embrace self-love, spread boundless happiness, and uplift others with this extraordinary bowl that captures the essence of compassion. Let each meal be a celebration of your beautiful smile and a catalyst for positive change in the world. Purchase 4-6 Coconut Bowls for your household and feel great knowing you're doing something positive for the planet. Join the Coconut Bowls movement today and eat sustainably!

Care information

Concrete can easily chip or break if not handled with care.


Each product is hand made in small batches so slight differences in color and pattern from the one shown in the picture to the product you receive are to be expected. Plants not included.