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Wildland Organics

Lunar Mist Organic Hand Sanitizer

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This viral-fighting, 72% Organic Alcohol formula promises to not only help protect your immune system, but also to support your nervous system with a calming, soothing blend of herbal extracts & essential oils. Featuring premium Organic Aloe Juice & Vegetable Glycerin to hydrate and help skin retain moisture, along with White Willow Bark to promote healthy skin cell turnover. Organic Oatstraw Extract calms & soothes mind and body. Essential Oils of Palo Santo, Lavender, Cedarwood. Formula not only meets, but exceeds, CDC guidelines for effectiveness - boasting 72% organic ethyl alcohol as the active ingredient. Ingredients: Organic Ethyl Alcohol (190 Proof, derived from Sugar Cane) at 72% ratio, Water, Pentiol Green+ (naturally derived solubilizer), Sodium Lactate (naturally derived), Lavender Essential Oil, *Glycerin, Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil, Palo Santo Essential Oil, *Willow Bark Extract, *Oat Straw Extract, *Aloe Vera Powder Indicates *Organic ^ Wildcrafted ~ Fair Trade

Care information

Concrete can easily chip or break if not handled with care.


Each product is hand made in small batches so slight differences in color and pattern from the one shown in the picture to the product you receive are to be expected. Plants not included.