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Microfiber Gloves - Leaf-Shining Gloves

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🧤 Make houseplants shine bright like a diamond! 💎 Microfiber Leaf Shining Gloves: * Comes with 2 individual gloves total; * Minimal packaging;  * Multi-purpose (plants, windows, dusting, car detailing); * For indoor use or outdoor use; Our Mossify Microfiber Gloves are the perfect addition to your garden tools inventory. These innovative gloves make leaf shining a breeze, helping plants absorb sunlight for optimal growth. Made from high-quality microfiber material, these gloves are gentle on your plants' leaves, while still providing an effective cleaning solution. The soft texture of the fabric allows for a thorough cleaning without damaging the delicate foliage. Our Microfiber Leaf Shining Gloves are a must-have for any gardener. By helping plants absorb sunlight and removing contaminants, they promote healthy growth and a natural shine. Stock up on our Microfiber Gloves today and let your customers experience the joy of healthy and vibrant plants! 🪴

Care information

Concrete can easily chip or break if not handled with care.


Each product is hand made in small batches so slight differences in color and pattern from the one shown in the picture to the product you receive are to be expected. Plants not included.