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Earth Medicine USA - Organic Microbial Fertilizer

Earth Medicine Organic Microbial Fertilizer, 1/2lb Sampler.

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Earth medicine is an Organic Microbial Fertilizer. Our product is full of rich microbial life that supports and brings balance to your soil. Our half pound Earth Medicine Samplers are perfect for first-timers! In each Sampler bottle your customer will receive ½ lb of Earth Medicine Organic Microbial Fertilizer. This size typically lasts the average house plant owner 6 months depending on how many house plants they fertilize on a monthly basis. As a microbial fertilizer it is safe (and encouraged) to use on plants throughout the winter months. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, Earth Medicine feeds the soil which the plant draws nutrients from daily, making it safe and effective to use all year round. We recommend using Earth Medicine once a month in your potted plants. The product is organic, shelf-stable and lab tested packaged in an amber glass container- screen printed.

Care information

Concrete can easily chip or break if not handled with care.


Each product is hand made in small batches so slight differences in color and pattern from the one shown in the picture to the product you receive are to be expected. Plants not included.