Hello Friends & Fellow Plant Lovers,

In the summer of 2021 I came across this YouTube video showing you how to make your own concrete planters at home. I thought it might be a fun project to try out on the weekend, so I bought a bag of concrete, a paint mixing bucket, a paint stick, acrylic paint, a large bucket, and a small bucket. A few hours later my first concrete planter had been created, and although it wasn't pretty, I was hooked! 

I ended up doing a bunch of research and slowly but surely, through trial and error, I started to perfect my craft. I spent hours everyday after work in my head- high basement creating planters on an old mattress box and piece of plywood, coming up with new color ways, shapes, and sizes. Although my back hurt like hell, I genuinely enjoyed this creative outlet, and even more than that I enjoyed having a reason to buy more plants! 

Friends and family have showed me an outpouring of support throughout this new venture, and without you guys I wouldn't have went all in at this, so thank you! I'm excited to see how this company will grow and develop, and look forward to connecting with all my fellow houseplant lovers. Cheers!

Pete Giuffre

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